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Smart 1-Line™ (Coming Soon)

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A pre-engineered system designed to simplify the installation and configuration of a local HMI.

Based on a rugged, fanless, touch screen industrial computer with a solid state drive and a 21.5" high-definition touchscreen, the Smart 1-Line™ is URC's modern turn-key solution for monitoring your AC-PRO® and AC-PRO-II® networks at one convenient location. It displays a field-configurable electronic 1-Line diagram with breaker readings, status, and more. For more detailed information, simply tapping (clicking) a breaker symbol launches built-in InfoPro-AC software.

The Smart 1-Line™ features include:

  • High Definition 21.5" Color Touch Screen
  • Ships with Software Pre-Installed
  • Designer and Run-Time Mode
  • Allows Remote Breaker Tripping
  • Determine Substation Status at a Glance
  • Field Configurable to Match 1-Line Drawing
  • Wall Mount Design for Switchgear or Control Room
  • RS-485 Communications to AC-PRO & AC-PRO-II
  • Software for Full Modbus Communication
  • Ethernet Port for modbus communications to SCADA System
  • Display one-line diagrams, waveforms*, alarms, currents, power, energy, breaker open/close status,
    and more.

  • *AC-PRO-II with updated firmware required to view waveforms*
    *AC-PRO-II with VDM required for voltage, power, and energy data*
    *AC-PRO with PT module required for voltage, power, and energy data*

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    Smart-1 Line Angle Right

High Definition Color Touch Screen

Smart-1 Line Angle Right

The Smart 1-Line uses a vibrant, high-definition industrial touch screen to
provide an intuitive easy-to-use interface.

Designer/Run Time Mode

Smart-1 Line Angle Right

Construct and run your one-line quickly and easily using our built-in Design Mode.

Swap to Run-Time mode to view your Smart 1-Line diagram with Modbus communications data.

Waveforms & More

Smart-1 Line Angle Right

See your waveforms, settings, and more details with the Smart 1-Line’s built-in Info-Pro-AC software. Simply tap the breaker diagram in Run-Time mode to view your data.

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