Settings Conversion Calculator

The Utility Relay AC-PRO/AC-PRO-II Retrofit Conversion Calculator allows a breaker that has existing trip unit settings to be converted to similar settings for AC-PRO or AC-PRO-II trip units. There are drop down boxes in the Yellow fields that can be selected by choosing the Existing Trip Unit, the New AC-PRO / AC-PRO-II Trip Unit along with Existing Sensor, Plug Ratings and Pickup Settings, etc. The Settings Conversion calculator fills in the Green fields for new comparable settings.

Click here to get started with your own AC-PRO / AC-PRO-II Setting Conversions.

(Please note: Converted settings may not exactly match existing. Final settings should be determined by a Protection Engineer or other Qualified Person. Settings affect Safety, Equipment (assets), Processes, etc. The process of determining settings requires additional information such as application-specific studies. These studies can include Short Circuit, Protection/Coordination, Arc Flash, etc. Simply converting existing settings may not be adequate or appropriate.)

The Settings Conversion Calculator includes trip units from the following manufacturers:

  • Westinghouse
  • Eaton
  • GE
  • For a full comprehensive listing please visit the Settings Conversion Calculator Page.
    (More trip units to come in future updates. Looking for a specific trip unit? Let us know what other trip units you would like included with the Settings Conversion Calculator.)

    Below is an example of a Westinghouse Amptector I-A LSIG settings converted to AC-PRO settings. The DS breaker frame rating is 1600A. Older 1200A CTs were replaced with new 1600A CTs. Notice how the existing Long Time Pickup setting of 1200A x 1.25 = 1500A matches the URC Setting Conversion Long Time Pickup setting of 1500A.

    Settings Conversion Calculator

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