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QUICK-TRIP® Arc Flash Reduction

QUICK-TRIP® System|Installation

QUICK-TRIP® is a manually controlled arc flash reduction system designed to reduce trip times when turned on and to allow for selective coordination between circuit breakers when turned off. QUICK-TRIP® can be viewed as an energy reduction maintenance switch (ERMS) or as a reduced energy let-through (RELT) function.

Operation is simple and can be controlled either by using BREAKER-IQ®, QT/QT2-SWITCH, or simply the AC-PRO® trip unit itself. These three options are outlined below.

If maintenance personnel must work on energized equipment, they will first turn the QUICK-TRIP® system on at the breaker feeding the equipment. If a fault occurs, the upstream breaker will trip quickly based on the QUICK-TRIP® settings, reducing the arc flash hazard to personnel.

QUICK–TRIP® settings are separate ground fault (QT GF) and instantaneous (QT I) settings within the trip unit. These settings have the same ranges as the regular GF and instantaneous settings in your AC-PRO® and are dormant until QUICK–TRIP® is turned ON. When the switch is turned back OFF, the trip unit returns to its original settings.

Example: A feeder breaker needs to be racked out for maintenance. Before opening the cubicle, QUICK–TRIP® would be activated on the main. If an incident occurs during the racking out, the main would trip on the QT GF or QT Instantaneous instead of the standard settings. Since the main tripped faster than usual, the amount of energy build up would be less and the arc flash would be reduced.

QUICK-TRIP® allows for improved worker safety, reduced equipment damage, reduced PPE requirements, and infrastructure preservation. Physical QUICK-TRIP® switches are pad-lockable and soft QUICK-TRIP® controls via AC-PRO®, BREAKER-IQ®, Smart 1-Line™ and InfoPro® are password protected.

For questions or assistance with your QUICK-TRIP® arc flash reduction system, please Contact Us.

QUICK-TRIP® System Options

Option 1:
QUICK-TRIP® with BREAKER-IQ® with or without choice of physical switch

Ideal for circuit breakers that are behind a cubicle door and cubicles where circuit breakers with AC-PRO® could be racked in. A QT switch is only needed if a physical switch is desired or required by safety policies and practices.

Option 2:
QUICK-TRIP® with physical QT2-SWITCH

Only controls QUICK-TRIP® arc flash reduction and does not provide status visibility or any other control functionality without opening the cubicle door.

Option 3:
QUICK-TRIP® without BREAKER-IQ® and no physical switch

QUICK-TRIP® is engaged and disengaged directly via the AC-PRO® trip unit. Only for use on through-door breakers where a physical switch is not desired or required by safety policies and practices.


Informational video installation guide of the QT2-SWITCH® for AC-PRO-II®

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