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  • Upgrade to the latest AC-PRO-II Firmware
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    Safely view status, engage QUICK-TRIP®, control breakers, and analyze data without opening the cubicle door.
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  • ZERO-Hertz DC Trip Unit
  • Retrofit Course, Earn NETA CTD credits

    Smart 1-Line is now available

    Smart 1-Line™ is URC's modern turn-key solution for monitoring your AC-PRO® and AC-PRO-II® networks at one convenient location.
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Exceptional Service

When you choose URC, know that you are in the best of hands. With the shortest lead times in the industry, 24/7 customer support, and thousands of kits in stock, we are here to help get your equipment up and running in record time.

Contact us today at URCSales@utilityrelay.com, +1.888.289.2864 or order securely online through our Kit Ordering Guide. AC-PRO-II, Trip Unit

Trip Units for Low Voltage Circuit Breakers

Utility Relay Company is a leading manufacturer of microcontroller based, true-RMS solid-state trip units and trip unit retrofit conversion kits for AC and DC power circuit breakers. Utility Relay Company’s focus is providing high quality, reliable and versatile trip unit kits for low voltage circuit breakers.

The end result is an extensive line of retrofit kits that both provide reliable protection and are easy to install.

Utility Relay Company offers over 5000 complete conversion retrofit kit designs for existing power circuit breakers. Use our Kit Ordering Guide (KOG) to find the particular kits you need and to order directly online.

We design, produce, and offer kits for a variety of manufacturers’ breakers such as:

URC trip unit retrofit conversion kits replace legacy electromechanical series overload trip devices, thermal magnetic overcurrent releases, insulated case breakers, and older style electronic trip devices to provide greater accuracy, reliability, and functionality. Utility Relay Company provides life extension and modernization of circuit breakers at a fraction of the cost of new breakers and eliminates the hassle of having to modify the switchgear.

Contact Utility Relay Company today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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