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GENERAL ELECTRIC AK-2-25, AK-2A-25, AKU-2-25, AKU-2A-25

Utility Relay Company has several different versions of complete retrofit kits for the AK-2-25, AK-2A-25, AKU-2-25, AKU-2A-25 breaker.

Kits are available for the following breaker options.

  • Manual reset, or mechanical auto reset actuator available
  • 50Hz and 60Hz options available
  • Up to 600 amps
  • Ground Fault available for 3 or 4 wire systems
  • Modbus communications available
  • Arc Flash protection available



Please visit our Kit Ordering Guide page and use the interactive online ordering system to determine the exact kit you need. You can also Contact Us if you need assistance

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